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    Retail MBA Training Program Syllabus 
    MODULE 1 - Developing Your Retail Sales/Distribution Strategy

    -Developing Your Retail Sales Strategy
    -Deciding If You Should Start Small or Go Big
    -How Retail Sales Professionals Choose Where to Focus Their Sales Efforts
    -Determining the Right Strategy For Your Product Type
    -Creating a Sales Distribution Plan That Will Yield Results
    -What is Private Labeling and How to Incorporate it into Your Retail Strategy

    MODULE 2 - Chain Store Fundamentals

    -Chain Store Basics
    -What Chain Stores Expect From You
    -How the Buying Process Works
    -Who’s Involved in their Buying Decision
    -Product Categories and What You Need to Know
    -Local, Regional and Corporate Buying Offices
    -Common Misconceptions and How to Get Started Today

    MODULE 3 - Preparing Your Product For Chain Store Success

    -Essential Research to Help You Win
    -Packaging and Displays
    -Infrastructure and Operation Capabilities
    -Retail Math: Pricing For Retail
    -Logistics, Warehousing, Shipping and FOB
    -EDI, UPC, Liability Insurance, SKU’s, Planograms and More
    -Funding and Financial Resources
    -Marketing and Branding Expectations

    MODULE 4 - Preparing Your Pitch

    -Developing a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
    -What the Pro’s Do To Prepare Their Pitch
    -Analyzing Your Target Audience
    -Fundamental Competitive Research
    -Sell Sheets and Line Sheets
    -Elements of a Perfect Product Website
    -Product Videos That Sell For You

    MODULE 5 - Finding the Right Buyer For Your Product Type

    -Complete Tutorial on How to Find a Buyer’s Name and Contact Information
    -Online Resources vs Offline Resources Available Today 
    -Free Options vs Paid Options 
    -Pros and Cons of Resources Available 
    -Strategies That the Pro’s Use to Ensure They are Finding the Right Buyers 
    -How to Get Access to Buyers Contact Information at Online Retailers, Catalogs and Small Retailers, too!

    MODULE 6 - Pitching Your Product to Major Retailers

    -What is the Best Way to Approach Major Retailers About Your Product
    -How to Cold Call Buyers When You Don’t Know How
    -Exact Strategies on How to Get a Meeting With a Buyer
    -What to Say to Buyers to Get Them to Buy
    -What to Do When a Buyer Says ‘No’ to Your Product
    -The Importance of Feedback and How it Can Help You
    -Additional Sales Strategies To Help You Win Business

    MODULE 7 - The Face to Face Meeting: How to Rock the Buyer Meeting

    What to Expect During a Buyer Meeting
    How to Prepare in Advance For a Great Meeting
    What is the Best Way Present to Buyers
    Top 10 Things to Include In Your Presentation
    What to Bring to the Meeting
    Leveraging Retail Interest For More Business

    MODULE 8 - What to Expect From a Major Retail Order

    -What to Expect From Your First Purchase Order
    -How Much Quantity Will a Major Retailer Buy
    -How Long Does it Take to Get Paid By a Major Retailer
    -Tricks to Get Paid Faster By Major Retailers
    -Retail Marketing and Promotion Strategies Once You Get an Order To Ensure Success
    -Promotional Calendars For Additional Sales and Marketing Strategies
    -Maximizing Assortment Plans and Product Lifecycles For Major Retailers
    -Chargeback’s, Returns, Markdowns, Rebates, Fees And Ways to Avoid Them
    -Retail Ethics and What You Need to Know

    MODULE 9 - Working with Distributors

    -What to Expect When Working With Distributors
    -How to Know If You Need a Distributor
    -How to Prepare to Work With Distributors
    -Where to Find Them
    -How to Get a Distributor to Represent You
    -How Much Do Distributors Charge
    -Best Practices For Picking the Right Distributor For Your Product

    MODULE 10 - Hiring a Manufacturer’s Rep

    -What to Expect When Working With a Manufacturer’s Rep
    -How to Find a Great Manufacturer’s Rep to Represent You
    -How Much Do Manufacturer’s Rep Typically Charge?
    -Best Practices For Picking the Right Manufacturer’s Rep For Your Product

    MODULE 11 - Selling at Trade Show

    -Selling at Trade Shows vs. Selling Direct
    -Should You Spend the Money at Trade Shows?
    -When it Makes Sense to Sell at Trade Shows
    -Best Practices For Making Big Money at Trade Shows

    MODULE 12 - Frequently Asked Question

    -How Can I Sell to Major Retailers with Just One Product or SKU?
    -Do I Need a Patent to Sell to Major Retailers?
    -Can I Sell Handmade Products to Major Retailers?
    -Do I Need to Have My Products Packaged Before Approaching Retailers?
    -What Should I Do if a Major Retail Buyer Asks for Exclusivity
    -Can I Sell My Product on My Own Website as well as at Retailers?
    -Licensing vs. Manufacturing

    MODULE 13 - Selling Products to Online Retailers

    -What to Expect When Selling to Online Retailers
    -How the Buying Process Works
    -How they Differ From Major Retailers
    -Best Way to Pitch Online Retailers
    Preparing Your Product For Online Retail Success

    MODULE 14 - Selling Products to Catalogs

    -What to Expect When Selling to Catalogs
    -How the Buying Process Works
    -How they Differ From Major Retailers
    -Best Way to Pitch Catalogs
    -Preparing Your Product For Catalog Success

    MODULE 15 - Selling Products to Small Retailers

    -What to Expect When Selling to Small Retailers
    -How the Buying Process Works
    -How they Differ From Major Retailers
    -Best Way to Pitch Small Retailers
    -Preparing Your Product For Small Retail Success
    Retail MBA Client Success Stories
    She Got a Vendor Number From BuyBuyBaby in a Week – Her Top 3 DREAM Retailer!
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    This Mom Entrepreneur is Now in Major Retailers such as Sams Club, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Groupon, Toys R Us, Home Depot and Much More!

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    He Got His Products into Home Depot and Lowes! And Now Has Over 7 Products Launching on HSN After Reviewing our Programs! Woohoo!

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    Michael’s Stores asked her for a 50,000 Unit Order for Christmas (a week after learning how to sell to retail)!

    About Karen Waksman

    Karen Waksman

    For the last 13 years, Karen Waksman (Founder of Retail MBA) has taught 100,000+ physical product companies across the globe on how to approach, pitch an sell to major retail buyers. Her Retail MBA Training Systems have empowered small to mid-size physical product companies to become vendors at retailers such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kroger Grocery Store and much, much more!

    Karen's powerful proven, time-tested sales methodology has worked for physical product companies with zero sales experience or buyer relationships - to advanced retail sellers!
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